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System control: hydraulic.

Through the pressure: a single can pass 80 tons of left and can be a container car.

Power supply: 50Hz AC110V~240V.

System dynamics: 1.5/2.2/3.7KW/ (380V).    

Rise / fall time: 3 < 6S (adjustable).  

He hydraulic lifting column internal structure by 10mm thick steel ring fixed crash smoking increased to six strengthen lifting column collision force, built with two elastic rod lifting stability without noise.

Protection grade: IP68 waterproof   

The service life of the up to 500 million times.

Working temperature: -40 ~75.

Storage environment: -25 ~65 DEG C, rainproof moistureproof and dustproof.

Material: 304 stainless steel

Color: stainless steel color plus 5mm reflective film or LED indicator (optional).

Lifting column specifications: the column is high 850mm, lifting height: 600mm (can be customized according to the requirements of 400~800).

A lifting column diameter: 168/219/273mm (optional),; a lifting column body thickness: 8mm (according to the customer demand for customized wall thickness: 8-20MM.  

Control mode: remote control, manual, card, license plate recognition and access control linkage, remote control.

Weight: About 120-180 kg.

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