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Gymnasium ,Stadium Security Solution
Author:UNIQSCAN Baggage Scanner| Walk Through Metal Detetor| Shenzhen Unisec Technology Co., LTD     Date:2018-01-20     Hits:420

Chinese Basketball annual event CBA All-Star Game ended in Shenzhen University Game Centre on January 14, 2018. But in the course of the game, there was an unpleasant thing. In the cheerleading locker room for all-star performances, 5 mobile phones worth about RMB40,000 were stolen. It is reported that the locker room of the Stadium is lack of the necessary security checking during the performance of the party. Coincidentally, this is not the first case of theft in sports venues, so the Stadium security problem has been pushed to the cusp, once again attracting countless people's attention.

Security system of Sports venue, Gymnasium and Stadium, really just furnishings?


1.      Video Surveillance for baggage scanner and vehicle scanning deployed in VIP rooms and access roads, such as prize storage rooms, equipment storage rooms and drug examination rooms and parking areas.

2.      Turnstiles & facial recognition Access control Walk through Metal detector

As there are many people during peak periods, the professional entrance should be combined with high security level management system, 

our Turnstiles & facial recognition Access control Walk through Metal detector can achieve the identity and competence certification, professionals (athletes, officials, reporters, staff) access control and management

With the vigorous development of the sports industry, the number of sports events is also showing a growing trend. However, the occupancy rate of such regular events as professional football and basketball, including Super League and CBA, is also on the rise. Security upgrades in stadiums Imperative.